Sooo Friday night, I was with this bitch named Jem and we went to Mercato. Sadly, said bitch is my best friend. How unfortunate, right? Just kidding. I love that bitch to bits.

(Mercato is located in 34th street corner, 8th Avenue of Bonifacio Global City in Taguig)

What I love: When you first walk in through those big tent-holes of Mercato, you only see these human beings feeding but when you walk in the second time to another hole of the tent, THERE. You finally see it.. the place you’ve been waiting for.. you’re just standing there and sniffing and ohmygosh, you’ve felt it. The smell alone is food-gasmic. You take a look around and wow, you’re standing in a complete paradise of the food-whores. You find stalls in almost every corner (well, not almost but you get the point). They seduce you with so many foods, some of them you have never heard of, some of them you don’t even know what it’s made of but still, the hunger for it becomes stronger and stronger every time you pass. It gets to the point where you taste all the free-taste foods they offer. Okay, maybe it’s just me. Whatever. Different foods from different culture and countries, you can taste here. They offer cupcakes, chicken, burgers, shawarma, dogs, French fries, pastas, lasagnes, Filipino cuisine, Thai cuisine and sooo many more! (I’m joking about the dog part) The best thing though is that a budget of three hundred would be more than enough for food and drinks and even some desserts. You get in skinny as hell and you get out like a flying pig, soaring high up in the sky as long as you can.

What I hate: They give “waiting in line” a whole new level! Getting a table or let alone a seat is a complete struggle. Sometimes, it can make you feel like you’re competing for the amazing race. People somehow sense when a table is vacant and you can actually see so many people rushing to it. Then when they get the table, they’d let out an audible sigh.. and fart. Gross, really.  Anyway, here’s my experience with this really annoying phenomena in Mercato: The bitch and I got there on 10pm and the people are already all over the place, we looked for food and once we got our food selected, we decided to look for tables so we can finally sit. We searched around the place for two or three times when we settled on waiting outside for some people who might decide to finally leave. We got robbed off a table for three times by some ugly but really fast human beings. My friend, the bitch, being the whiny bitch that he is, made me ask some staff to set us up a table so we can sit. They, however, said “No, no, no way”. So yeah, I went back to silently cursing them all in my head. It got to the point where I annoyed the bitch named Jem with the same sentence: “This girl IS NOT happy. This girl is VERY HUNGRY.” With ascending volume, just for the heck of it. Anyway, I know the bitch ain’t happy and so he suggested we go to the nearest McDonald’s so I can finally put something on my cute belly since I haven’t had dinner yet and finally shut up. OF COURSE I DECLINED! I mean, the foods were mouth-watering here! I’m already in too deep, I wouldn’t settle for that scary-looking Ronaldo McDonaldo. After waiting for about thirty minutes, a light from above directed us to an available table. People were like zombies racing for the brain (the table) but of course, we had faster feet. We FINALLY got a seat! There, we shared tables with some other people because you know, in a place like this, you’d have to swallow your pride and ask KINDLY for people who don’t look really scary if you can share tables with them. So I suggest that if you wanna eat here, be there as early as possible so you’d have a table for yourself and eat as sloooow as you can and talk with your every last breath just so when people arrive they won’t have somewhere place to sit and you can enjoy seeing them fight for one. Literally. Haha

I guess that sums it up. Below is the schedule for Midnight Mercato BGC, if you’re interested. J

Fridays to Saturdays: 10pm-3am

Thanks for reading! Enjoy eating!

PS. Food here is actually delicious. Forget about the smell. The taste is amazing :)

Back in oh-twelve :)